Alice in Wonderland Summer Party

On Friday, August 24th we turned the Royal Hospital Kilmainham into the absurd otherworld of Alice in Wonderland. Over 1,200 guests from Workday went down the rabbit hole with us and were treated to Mad Hatter Tea Parties, bespoke drinks from our apothecary, aerial performances, 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me' treats plus a gigantic set to roam around once the shrinking effects took hold!

Our aim was to create a totally immersive experience that transformed the stunning, expansive lawns of the RHK into a playground where something unexpected lay around every corner. 

What we provided:

- Creative concept, set design and production for entire event

- Two unique bar concepts with top shelf spirits & mixologists

- Commissioned artists to create immersive décor pieces specific to the event

- Site infrastructure, tent hire, build and management

- Entertainment booking including pop-up performers, Booka Brass Band and aerialists

- Selected tailored food vendors to complement creative concept