Christmas Event in the Iconic Guinness Storehouse


We welcomed 800 guests to the icon Guinness Store House where guests were greeted by a drumming and pyro spectacle on arrival. Guests had exclusive access to 4 floors of the storehouse, with a range of immersive activities on every level.

Ghost of Christmas Past - a creepy tale of Christmas past where lights flickered, Christmas trees shook and books flew off the shelves for this terrifyingly original show - think Stranger Things meets Scrooge!

We also designed a Galaxy Club - using the existing cinema room in Guinness we commissioned and designed a 40 minutes mind-blowing visual exploration of the galaxy - with custom content blended over 18 projectors to produce some mind-blowing visuals.

We themed the storehouse and provided all the technical, a/v and staging for the event as well as booking and programming the entire event.